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Lyn's Picks: 5 Apr

Lyn's Picks: 5 Apr

Lyn's Picks: 5 Apr cover photo on Stagedoor
What's caught the attention of our resident critic this week?

Rambert: Rooms

Digital Stage is a new streaming platform created by Norwich Theatre which over the next few months will be offering digital content ranging from Protein Dance’s May Contain Food to Autoteatro’s Swimming Home, an immersive sonic piece designed to be experienced in your bathroom. First off the blocks is the livestreamed show Rooms that comes with choreography by Jo Stromgren and features 17 dancers, 100 characters and 35 scenes full of mini-dramas, mishaps, joy and tragedy.

Living Newspaper: Edition 4

The Royal Court’s Living Newspaper season continues with this latest edition, bringing stories that matter to its writers right here and right now, and including contributions from Stacey Gregg, Tanika Gupta, Sabrina Mahfouz, Rachel Nwokoro, Annie Siddons, Stef Smith and more. Sections will include a love letter to Nicola Sturgeon, Rishi Sunak as a romantic Indian soap hero, and sign language interpreters preparing for a Covid-19 briefing at the Northern Irish assembly. The Living Newspaper is a bit of a lucky dip, but that’s part of the fun.

General Secretary

Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas perform as double act Thick ‘n’ Fast, and they're wondering what the world would look like if they got to run it. It sounds a bit like the premise for Netflix’s Designated Survivor, but with the twist that it's two unqualified women who are suddenly landed with the responsibility for making all the major decisions on everything from climate change to gender inequality. Will they avoid the pitfalls and pratfalls of so many of their (male) predecessors? Will their lack of experience be a help or a hindrance? Will power corrupt? Available from Wednesday via Applecart .

You can find lots of streaming theatre shows - many of them available for free - in our Streamdoor guide

Cover image from General Secretary by Thick 'n' Fast.

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