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Lyn's Picks: 11 Jan

Lyn's Picks: 11 Jan

Lyn's Picks: 11 Jan cover photo on Stagedoor
What's caught the attention of our resident critic this week?

Red Shoes at Home (Online)

If you love Matthew Bourne’s lush reworking of the Powell and Pressburger movie (an influence too on Emma Rice’s giddy Kneehigh retelling of the story) and are in need of a swift, free pick-up then head over to You Tube for this brief but effective dance film. Made by the dancers involved in the cancelled tour within their own homes, it is less focussed on narrative and more on the themes of the show including male genius and obsession. It is full of joy and its delivered with vim and wit by the dancers in their kitchens and living room or in their gardens or on the drive. It is the glimpses of the children’s toys and the washing on the line that elevate the piece, as if being grounded in the mundane of everyday life magnifies the story's passions. It’s deliciously funny too, featuring fake moustaches, beach balls and tiny towels. Lovely.

Overflow (Online 18-23 Jan)

Starting next Monday, it’s your chance to see the online film of Travis Alabanza’s show, after its run was cut short at the Bush Theatre prior to Christmas. Focussing on Rosie (Reece Lyons) a trans woman who has locked herself in a nightclub toilet, the piece explores how a place that should be one of refuge and solidarity has become a political battleground. The show got great reviews in its live iteration and I’m a big fan of Alabanza’s work (remember the brilliant Burgerz?) and that of director Debbie Hannan.

Living Record Festival (Online 17 Jan - 22 Feb)

Starting next Sunday, the Living Record Festival comes with its own bespoke digital space and a programme of 45 pieces that smash boundaries and play with form. Many of the artists involved are in the early stages of their careers, many are digital natives exploring the possibilities of theatrical form. Next Sunday’s offerings include a new version of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps, interactive audio adventure The Anarchist’s Mobile Library and wethewonderful’s Nevergreen, a journey into the life and mind of Rachel Carson, the environmentalist who wrote the ground-breaking Silent Spring. There is much, much more too.

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