How To Win

How To Win

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18 June 2020  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“Commissioned by Harrogate Theatre as part of Home Theatre’s Homemakers season, this piece from Manchester based company Hidden Track sounds fun. Combining storytelling with game playing, it is available in instalments and is being described as “play at home theatre.” Examining the stories and systems that we live inside and raising questions around how to break free of them, the piece is designed to explore issues around politics, agency and play and whether it is possible for everyone to be a winner.”
“We might not be together right now, but still, we’re going to tell a story together. And we’re going to play a game. But before we play, we need to decide: How do we win?”


Maybe we win by Making the Most Money? Maybe we win if we Slay the Dragon?

Or maybe it’s by doing something we haven’t even thought of yet.

Let’s decide together.

‘How to Win’ is a new episodic online game created by multi-award-winning interactive theatre makers Hidden Track, in collaboration with you, the player.

Each new episode will be created in response to your suggestions.

Give us your ideas, vote on your favourites, shape or derail the future of our story.

Can we find a way that everyone can win?

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Available from Jun 18


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