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Proforca Theatre Company presents a special double bill celebration

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Tue 21 Feb - Sat 25 Feb 2023, 7.30pm


About Feel More X Lately

From the City to the Sea, Proforca Theatre Company presents a celebration of old friends, award nominated theatre and brand new adventures in a special double bill of shows for 2023 at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre. FEEL MORE [2023] We are delighted to announce the return of our critically acclaimed production of "Feel More" for a brand new run of performances for the first time since 2020. Imagine someone else's life, just for a moment. A city that never sleeps, and 4 more stories of looking back, looking down and looking to the future. Proforça Theatre Company presents "Feel More (2023)" , A evening of four new pieces of writing from the universe of our main production of "Feel". Four new characters living their lives in the modern world we live in. Four new stories about love. loss and letting go. Four out of 9.3 million, just for a moment. Because sometimes, to follow your heart you have to close your eyes, take a deep breath and be braver than you've ever been before because everything's about to change... LATELY “The Monster Always Wins, Right?” Cal & Alf. Callum & Alison. They were supposed to be part of each other’s lives forever, if only the universe had let things happen the way they should. But whoever they were before, they’re different people now, and the problem with living here is that is always pulls you back again, no matter how hard you try to get away. And the universe that sent them spinning into free-fall throws them together again when the girl who ran away comes back to find out what happened to the boy who didn’t want to leave. And the question that the universe needs to answer most of all now is - Whatever happens to those bits of us we leave behind and thought we’d lost forever? Proforca Theatre Company presents “Lately” by James Lewis, directed by David Brady, which makes its debut at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in September 2021, an intimate, emotional story about the places we can never escape from, the dreams we never realise and the people that bring us back down to earth again. CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains very strong language, loud noises, adult themes, drugs references and references to mental health, suicide & bereavement.