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"We don't know how to forgive, we only know how to forget"

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Tue 10 Sep - Sun 22 Sep, 7.30pm


About At Last (inc At First)

The old world has fallen and something brave and new has taken its place. Out of the fire and rubble and the ashes something new is born. A chance to learn about the past and to discover who we were to save the future. A chance to find hope anew, or to tear open wounds which will never close again. This is the story of ten years of hate. Ten years of oppression and anger when we gave ourselves up to the dark. A story of the mother who fought for her broken sons, and the father that stood in judgement. The daughter willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom, the man who stood by and watched and the woman that listened. This is the story of when the world went mad. It is time to tell the truth. At Last.