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Assessing feminist ideas of ownership of the body while yielding it to a paying consumer

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Sun 18 Jul, 4pm

About Playmill: Seeking Arrangement

By day, Bolton lass Charlie struggles to make a difference as a UN intern, working to prevent the sexual exploitation and abuse of women across the world. By night, she moonlights as Sugar Baby Tamara, trading companionship and intimacy to survive New York City. This one woman show based on real life experience follows Charlie as she reveals the inner workings of one of the most famous organisations in the world, and her subsequent disappointment in the change she wants them to make. While taking minutes for meetings she’s wildly underprepared for where all they do is argue, she reveals a seedy underbelly to the organisation; one many aren’t aware of. This dissatisfaction with the UN and an inherent need to please people sees Charlie explain the circumstances that led her to her current arrangement with Dan1954, trading company for financial compensation. But how can someone working to protect exploited women effectively give up her own body without some sort of moral conflict? Seeking Arrangement follows one woman’s battle as she tries to advocate her own self-worth and ambitions while being a full-blown people pleaser.