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With only ‘about 500’ ovulations, it’s a woman’s race against time

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Tue 19 Apr - Sat 23 Apr 2022, 2pm & 7pm

About About 500

'As a woman I’ll only have about 500 ovulations in my entire life. And for most of those, I was either too young or too single or too whatever…' Clem is 37 when she starts trying for a child with her partner Luke. Two unsuccessful years later, she realises that, like many other women, she’s been out-manoeuvred by a timetable that ignores women’s finite fertility…. The average age of first conception for women in the UK is now over 30 and continues to rise, despite the cliff-edge drop in fertility at 35. As a result, more and more women in their 40s find themselves involuntarily childless, which in turn has a seriously overlooked impact on their mental health.