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Mon 8 Jul, 7.30pm Tue 9 Jul, 1.30pm Tue 9 Jul, 7.30pm

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The Consultation In a last ditch attempt to turn herself into a legend before it’s too late, Danni Lang, a once famous artist, meets an art thief in a hotel room to try and persuade him to steal her painting from the National Portrait Gallery. Scaffolding Donato Bramante (the Pope’s favourite architect) and Michelangelo (the Pope’s favourite artist) find themselves at war over the erection of revolutionary scaffolding which will enable Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Cheating After a boozy dinner, two couples get into a heated discussion over what ‘cheating’ means to each of them and to their horror discover that they all have a different understanding of the word. Protest A banker confronts his wife after she protests outside his office against bankers’ immoral wages. I served Hugh Grant an Orange Juice A waiter at a billionaire’s private party struggles to work out his place in the world as he contemplates his failing career as a writer and his spiritual quest for enlightenment.