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An Electro-Pop Musical

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Wed 29 May - Sat 1 Jun, 7.30pm

About Immortality

‘Immortality’ is a new musical from award-winning writer, Mark Andrewes. It is a darkly comic tale about the pursuit of fame and eternal youth, set to an infectiously melodic electro-pop musical score! The show tells the story of Robert Rugley, a middle-aged office worker, who has for many years tried and failed to make a career as a singer-songwriter. Despite thinning hair and an expanding waistline, he still dreams of one day being recognised for his musical talents, but the reality of being trapped in a tedious job with no prospect of escape has gradually led him into depression and thoughts of suicide. As Robert stands on the edge of the office building contemplating throwing himself to his death, a stranger offers him a deal that promises to make all of his dreams come true... Exploring issues of age discrimination and superficiality in popular culture, the drama examines the nature of the creative calling through the story of one artist’s struggle to find purpose in life. The production combines vibrant, engaging performances and choreography with instantly memorable pop tunes. It particularly appeals to lovers of electronic pop music with a 1980s/90s flavour and a strongly melodic content, LGBTQ+ audiences, fans of musical theatre and anyone looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining theatrical experience.