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ZOOG is the Hebrew word for couple.

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Fri 9 Mar, 9pm

About Zoog

Zlil-hen Saks & Yoli Seker are not one of those couples who work together. Their relationship is none of anyone’s business and they generally had no intention of making a show about a hackneyed subject such as couples. How did it end up happening? Let us take you on a guided tour of the land called “coupledom”. In an attempt to visualise the grey areas that exist near the boundaries of being a couple, we answered and recorded those questions we don’t usually ask. “How many times did you think of leaving me?” “Did you ever consider cheating?” “Who in my family do you hate?” We then sent the questionnaire to 25 other couples, all of different ages, states, sexual orientation and stages of their shared lives. Only the brave were willing to expose the ins and outs of their relationships, of their wild and ugly, cute and stupid, sexy and boring shared lives. We locate our own relationship in each of theirs, creating an “alter-couple”. As carpets transform into a deserted island and eggs are smashed, this mix of physical theatre and verbatim takes the audience on an intimate journey which is both extremely personal and utterly universal. ZOOG is presented in both English and Hebrew.