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I guess it started as a love story but seven years later it turned into something else.

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Thu 23 Apr - Sat 25 Apr, 3pm & 7.15pm

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It’s a full moon. I pay the sitter and see her out. I undo my bra and pace back and forth trying to get more air in my lungs. Then without warning, I let out a sound from somewhere deep. It keeps coming and I can’t stop it, I stick my face in the rubbish bin so I don’t wake up the boys and howl and howl and howl and howl. When I said the story begins here I was lying. Really the story begins several years ago. Really the story begins as a love story. Picture if you will me on a trapeze flying through the air singing a song about freedom. I’m performing in a London theatre and in the audience is a kind Englishman. He has a wide pupillary distance and uses big words I have to look up. Soon after, I become pregnant and my life does a 180 and I find myself living in the middle of nowhere rural Kent on the edge of a marsh surrounded by nothing but green fields and sheep 3613 miles away from Jewish Immigrant Parents in Toronto. An intimate and absurd one-person exploration of motherhood, exile and transformation.  Part storytelling, part standup, part myth, it asks the question: How does an urban Canadian raising children in rural Kent with declining parents back home learn the codes of survival?