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Do you find me likable? Would you happily spend an hour with me? How about two?

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Wed 29 Nov, 7.15pm

About This Is Just Who I Am

This is a show about identity, authenticity and the murky area between the two. It’s about being yourself, and not having a fucking clue what that even means. It’s about me, and you, and some other people too, but mainly me. Watch me, Miranda, as I wade around in the sludge that exists between the person I want to be and the person I think I am. Using nothing but a microphone, a poorly put together soundtrack and a ludicrous outfit, I’ll tell you a story that exposes the one thing I’ve been trying so hard all this time to hide: my real self. I’m getting it all out. I’m spewing the truth all over the stage and I don’t care what anyone thinks. Would be nice if you like it though.