The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

5 (1) · New WritingFringe Theatre, Contemporary

Haley McGee was on the phone with Visa promising to pay off her bill by having a yard sale, when she realised the only things she could sell were gifts from her ex-boyfriends.

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15 November 2018  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“The cost of love can be high, so why not turn a break-up into cold hard cash? That’s what Haley McGee does in this solo autobiographical show which offers eight items for sale — all gifts from Hayley’s former boyfriends. Asking questions about whether we can put a price on feelings and how much love really costs, this sounds like a hoot as it entwines confession, interviews with Hayley’s ex-boyfriends, and even a consultation with a mathematician to find a formula to calculate the cost of love.”


Inspired by this call, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale is a hilarious and daring show about the cost of love… or what love costs us.

So: can we turn sentimental value into cold, hard cash? Why does Haley want to – and why now? The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale smashes together personal divulgences, maths, recorded interviews with Haley’s ex-boyfriends, economics and the politics of commerce in a quest to determine what our romantic relationships are actually worth.

This autobiographical work offers eight items “for sale” – all gifts from Haley’s exes – and introduces a brand new mathematical formula (developed with mathematician Melanie Phillips) to calculate the cost of love.

Critic reviews

Excruciatingly funny monologue anchored by powerhouse performance

The Stage

There seems to be no limit to the experience that McGee is willing to draw on, but at no point does it become self indulgence

A Younger Theatre

This is intelligent theatre – deeply felt, consistently hilarious and hypnotically honest – that’s been carefully made


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Tue 20 Nov - Sat 8 Dec, 7pm & 9pm


58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY London, UK · Get Directions
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