The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale

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Part-installation, part-storytelling and part-maths equation, this autobiographical work features nine items “for sale” – all gifts from Haley’s exes.


Haley McGee was on the phone with Visa, promising to pay off her bill by having a yard sale, when she realized all the things she could sell were gifts from her exes.

Inspired by this call, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale is hilarious and daring show about the cost of love… or what love costs us.

To figure this out, Haley smashes together personal divulgences, maths, recorded interviews with some of her exes, economics, the politics of commerce and a little bit of dance. She wants to know what the stuff we’re left with after a breakup is actually worth, given all the ways we invest in relationships (who broke up with who, how good the poetry was, how long did the relationship last, who paid for more things during the relationship, etc etc).

World renowned physicist Lee Smolin has agreed to help by creating a mathematical formula accounting for all these variables and how they should be weighted. And they’re adding things like a “crying tax” for any object given to Haley before 2012.

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Fri 24 Nov & Fri 1 Dec, 9pm


58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY London, UK · Get Directions
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