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‘This wee’un reminds me of you at his age Sharron – he’s the devil dancin’ in his eyes.’

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Wed 21 Nov, 9pm

About The Devil Danced in Our Eyes

Jamie’s 15 and lives in Rotherham with his mum. Since Granda Frank died she’s stopped coming out of her room and each time Jamie sees her she’s different – one day like a child, then monstrous; sometimes the awesome mum he’s always known. Left to his own devices he’s spending more and more time online and it’s BRILLIANT. Rotherham is a million miles behind him as he soars through a digital realm of pixels, kilobits and sex. Sex, sex, sex (Thank god for the internet.) He doesn’t understand everything he reads (what a BDSM Chem-Monkey is he has no idea) but it’s okay – here he is part of something, and there are people to talk to. But there’s a wee devil dancing in Jamie’s eyes too, and he’s not sure what it might tell him to do. Combining the intimacy and immediacy of a singer/song writer gig with theatre, this work-in-progress performance explores sexuality, class and living with mental illness in the family through soulful looped vocals and storytelling.