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Shirley: A Space Odyssey Tickets

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Part of Calm Down Dear, a three-week festival of innovative feminist performance.

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Shirley is a bar maid. She pulls the same pints for the same two regulars every day of the week. It used to be a riot: it’s dead these days. Nige and Clive are more interested in their drinks than in Shirley’s inventions: pub yoga, karaoke, slam poetry. She’s going above and beyond! Maybe it’s not their fault. It’s this heatwave. Broke the records. And getting hotter. Stagnating, we are. And that’s not good for you. Got to let it out. Shirley’s going to let it all out.

Shirley: a space odyssey is a brand new work-in progress show from NOVA. With Shirley as our guide, the monotony of this fading Welsh city pub is overtaken by wild flights of cabaret fancy and puncturing moments of intimate honesty, as Shirley sings, dances and jokes her way through the dense undergrowth of her mind. Men, women, nature programmes, motherhood, elusively good sex. Shirley isn’t quite sure how to act anymore. Too many questions. Is the pub dead? Or is she dead? And when will it bloody rain???

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Thu 30 May, 9pm


58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY London, UK · Get Directions

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