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A show about looking for meaning, and watching for signs.

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Tue 21 Jan - Thu 23 Jan, 7.15pm

Runtime: 1h 00m

About Portents

The air hums with static. A black car idles across the street. Paul McCartney has been dead for 51 years. What if it’s all true? Every weird theory, everything you can’t quite see out of the corner of your eye. All of it…. Somewhere, lost in noise, something is sending us a message. All it takes is for somebody to listen. Somebody to reply. Traveling from deserted motorways to city streets, via daytime TV and message boards, Portents follows those people looking for meaning in the chaos. Those whose understanding of the world is completely altered by what they’ve seen. Rising above a soundtrack of static and stutters, spanning from pop stars to apostles, Why This Sky presents a story of conspiracy, isolation and religious rebirth. This performance contains swearing/strong language.