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Presented by Tom Cassani & Peader Kirk

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Thu 11 Nov - Sat 13 Nov 2021, 7.15pm

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Theatre is all about illusion so I am a glutton for shows in which magic and theatre collide to investigate the nature of truth and deception. Performed by Tom Cassani and created with Peader Kirk, I Promise You That Tonight features exploding wine glasses and glass that turns into sand as it explores what we can be persuaded to believe and whether we can always trust our eyes. Sounds like a show that very much suits the current moment. But is Cassani telling the truth? Or is he a charlatan? Only you can decide.

About I Promise You That Tonight

I Promise You That Tonight …we will walk on broken glass as if it were sand beneath our feet and we will put our hands into fire but not leave a mark. None of these things are impossible, but it’s ok to admit that they are hard. Be wary of those who make extraordinary claims. Lying is done with words and with silences. Tom Cassani’s obsession with magic and illusion has led him to explore how and why we believe the things we do. In I Promise You That Tonight, Cassani exorcises both the sceptic and the believer, switching between showman and charlatan, Cassani sets fire to our fickle sense of truth. An impossible box, an exploding wineglass, spontaneous combustion, a drowning man, sand becoming glass, that voice from below and a barefoot man on broken glass. Some of these things are real and some of these things are fake but all of them are happening… tonight. This performance includes mentions of death and descriptions of drowning.