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This is a show about fear. About how it influences everything we do. And about how we still pretend it isn’t there.

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Tue 17 Sep - Wed 18 Sep, 7.15pm

About How to Live Dangerously

It’s about the stuff you miss out on because you’re scared and the stuff that fear forces you into against your will. It’s a show about exactly how long you’d need to leave your child unattended before a paedophile kidnapped them (25 years) and how many pets people killed in the first four days of the second world war (400,000). From monsters under the bed to muslim extremism, it’s a show about our closest invisible frenemy and how it secretly controls our lives. How To Live Dangerously is a Theatre in the Mill commission, produced by Arch 468, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Derby Theatre. Age Recommendation: 14+