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D has done something bad. Really, actually, very bad.

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Wed 11 Mar, 9pm

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Permanent expulsion bad. Juvenile detention centre bad. Kiss-goodbye-to-your-future-you’re-never-coming-back-from-this-one bad. No one expected it of her – least of all D herself. Grapho is the semi-autobiographical story of a visually-impaired teenager who forges documents for financial gain. It’s about growing up with a shrine to Princess Diana in your living room, about conspiracy theories and crystal healing and giving Tony Blair a heart attack. It’s about being a disabled child living below the breadline and caring for the people who are supposed to be caring for you. At its core, it’s a story of cognitive dissonance, unresolved guilt and readjustment. And fanfiction. There may be Kate Bush impressions. This audio-described, one (and a bit) woman show uses the language of graphology (aka handwriting analysis) to unpick the way we tell stories about ourselves and our families. Age Recommendation: 14+ This performance explores themes of violence, mental health and emotional manipulation.