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Robox was programmed with one ambition. To fulfil your every need.

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Thu 26 Sep - Sat 28 Sep, 9pm

About Fulfilment

Welcome to the Fulfilment Centre. Let Robox deliver your journey to fulfilment. (Next day delivery also available.) Forget self-help, Robox is here to deliver you answers. In just one hour, our little robot can help you actualise your happiness. Join us in being brave, open and fulfiled. Robox will meet you and discover what you need, what you want and what you dream of. Then Robox will provide the solution. A solution… Definitely a bit of a solution… Or a solution that other people who bought this solution also bought… Happiness is a gift – Find Fulfilment in your present. This disarmingly funny and playful interactive puppetry show, tries to answer the important questions about what we want and what we will do in order to get it.