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Post Brexit, Katy has become fascinated with the symbol of the British flag.

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Tue 18 Apr & Wed 19 Apr, 7.15pm

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From Gerri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress at the Brit awards, to a tea cosy happily bought in a tourist shop, to union flag murals branded on Shankhill road in Belfast, it is a symbol the meaning of which is constantly changing. Katy would feel hesitant to wear one, and even more uncomfortable to wave one. And yet she wonders why? Why does she feel like it’s not all right to be proud of the country she comes from, and what is so wrong with feeling patriotic? With the use of Hello! Magazine, bunting, fete day cooking, a £5 note and one cheese grater, join Katy in her exploration to find out what British identity is really made of.