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Sun 22 Mar, 7.15pm

About Finding Melania

Finding Melania is an immersive dark fairy-tale about a woman who wanted a new pair of shoes and ended up married to the most powerful man in world. A new solo show about the fascination and lure of masculine power and the women who submit all. Merging dark clowning, mundane meanderings and dystopian worlds and a rare exclusive into the secret life of the FLOTUS. Who is Melania? What lies behind the blank facade? Is she prisoner or puppet master? Trapped or liberated? In fear or in love? She appears to be the archetypal trophy wife willing to stand by her man no-matter-what, but the question we have is ‘What’s really going on in there Melania?’ Finding Melania is an absurd, funny and bleak exploration of a world where beauty rules and ageing is the greatest fear. A brutal interrogation of our judgements and expectations of women in power and a reveal of the monstrosities that lie within. Part warning, part anarchic protest – this is a dirty, fleshy and unique tale of what happens when you marry the orange man in the castle. Age Recommendation: 15+