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Wed 29 Sep 2021, 9pm


Walking up to Highfield Road for the first time was mind blowing. Seeing all the other people with their shirts and scarfs, feeling like you’re part of that, feeling that excitement in the air.” Written and performed by HANNAH KUMARI Directed by RIKKI BEADLE-BLAIR 1997. Last year England made it to the semi-finals of Euro 96, Gina G came third in Eurovision and 13 year-old Lizzie went to her first in-person football game: Coventry vs. Manchester City. Not the Man City of today, oil and superstars, but the old Man City – a bit rubbish, but with good fans. Lizzie fell in love with the beautiful game that day, and she’s been obsessed ever since. But then something happens to make her question her place in the stands. ENG-ER-LAND is an energetic play about who’s really on your team. Supported by The Football Supporters’ Association and with public funding from Arts Council England. Produced by Alistair Wilkinson for WoLab Choreography by Nadia Sohawon Sound Design by Tingying Dong Dramaturgy by Milli Bhatia