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Sometimes the hardest people to reconcile with is your family. Shuyan fled from her home, but can she escape from herself?

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Sat 9 Nov, 9pm

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Shuyan has decidophobia—fear of making decisions, especially the big ones relating to her future. For 19 years being a promising student in all subjects has kept the crisis at bay, but now as a recent graduate faced with the choice of working or continuing to a Master’s degree, Shuyan is suddenly paralyzed by the big question—what does she really want? Her parents think a decision should be simple, or at least she just needs to carry on. They keep saying– time is ticking, choosing to stop while everyone’s running is a journey with no return. But Shuyan fled away. She knows everything that she doesn’t want, and one of them is staying home. Will she finally have the space to ask the big questions? Or is there something else about home she needs to find out? The show may contain references to depression.