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A coming of age journey that tackles age­ old questions like ‘What came first?’


Egg is a surreal journey through the life of an egg. The yolk emerges from the shell, at first timid and wary, before becoming glorious, and ultimately angry at its fate: fried in a pan.

The egg is a symbol of many things, and we look at its cultural significances throughout history. A dynamic voyage with feminist undertones: the egg is at once powerful and powerless, comedic and majestic. Through the eyes of an egg we uncover what we consider to be solely human experiences: pain, loss, fear, hope, glory and redemption. While the human skin is flawed, the shell is perfect and knows more than it is telling.

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Sat 5 Mar at 9pm


58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY London, UK · Get Directions
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