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Featured in Calm Down, Dear Festival 2020

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Wed 27 May, 9pm

About Dry Season

Kat thought she was far too young to think about menopause; biology thought differently… Dry Season is a spoken word theatre show that interweaves music and movement with original poetry and extracts from medical literature. Using the roles of women in fairytales as a starting point, Kat takes the audience on a journey through a chaotic year of hormones, NHS visits, and unexpected camaraderie. Honest, intimate and darkly humorous, it uses one woman’s autobiographical experience of premature ovarian failure to question societal expectations of age and gender, and explore wider issues around mental health, identity, and how we cope with loss. Dry Season was created by Kat as a response to the shock of her unexpected diagnosis, and as a way of making space to enable representation and discussion of issues around menopause. Having discovered that her own initial feelings of shame and isolation were shared by countless others, she decided to counter this by creating a visible starting point for dialogue, using the prism of her own specific journey to generate knowledge and empathy between people of different ages, genders, and experiences. Age Recommendation: 16+ The performance contains references to depression, anxiety and suicide statistics.