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A rallying cry to galvanise our generation.

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Fri 8 Nov, 9pm

About Bullshit

Len and Jo are angry. They’re angry about the direction this country has gone in. They’re angry about the direction Europe has gone in. Hell – they’re angry about the direction the world is spinning. It’s a mess: climate change, political division, patriarchal atrocities. And, as ever, a handful of cis, straight white Etonians have got their cis white male Etonian hands on our collective future. This is an immediate, urgent emergency. A burning show about trust, power and collective rage. Urgency, connection, generational truth, galvanised power, marginalised, intersectional togetherness. The kyriarchy. Men. Queers. Choice. Trump. Plastic. Vegans milk. Sorry. Vegan milks. Subdivision. Division. Vision. Shun. One. Life. Here. Now. Whoever you are, this is a show for you. Jo and Len invite you to participate in this interactive show and hash out we really believe in.