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Tue 21 Apr - Sat 25 Apr, 9pm

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Bonkers /adjective\ bon·kers \ ˈbäŋ-kərz , ˈbȯŋ-\ Definition Informal: CRAZY, MAD: such as Very fond, enthusiastic, Very angry, annoyed, Sometimes offensive : having or showing severe mental illness Synonyms include: barmy, bedlam, certifiable, crazy, cuckoo, insane, kooky, loco, loony, mad, nutty, unbalanced, unhinged, wacko. Bonkers is a show combining big standup-style laughs with a nuanced and honest account of living life “on the edge” and trying not to fall off. Navigating mental health and queer identities, it treads the line between belly-laugh comedy and realism, exploring the power of labels on the human experience and asking the question what is “normal” anyway?