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Thu 9 Apr - Sat 11 Apr, 9pm

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This is a play about two women waiting. This is a play about two friends waiting in a doctor’s office to lose their virginity. Sort of like if your teenage diary and Waiting for Godot had a baby – but that means they’d had to have had sex first. Questioning our core assumptions about virginity, pleasure and girlhood, Best Before slips across tempos, ideas and performance modes to create something formally unique. It is a visceral engagement with the abjections and joys of the female experience, a furious celebration of women’s resilience to barter against their own sexual currency and a salute to the game-changing virgins of history. By combining and celebrating the forms of live art, anthropology, music, (bad) dance and sketch comedy, Best Before scrutinises the morality of modern sexual education and sociological myth-making.