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This comic tale examines Phina's own observations on what others have made of her black identity as she worked her way through being fashion model, actress, radio presenter and writer in a world of fickle media.

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“Identity Crisis was created when my life stopped when tragedy struck. I plunged into a deep, dark, interminable grief. The range of emotions I felt and the questions I posed about life and what my value was, made me feel at times like I was in crisis.”

Beginning with the real life story of the sudden death of Phina's 19-year-old niece in her house in 2011 and the ensuing press intrusion, this show presents us with 60 images of Phina in fashion and provides an illuminating, humorous and candid exposition of life under the glare of the media spotlight.

Phina portrays nine characters: Black, White, Old, Young, Male and Female, each having an Identity Crisis and explores identity struggles that are common to all of us. Through its simple key staging, the show provides a perfect vehicle for Phina's larger than life characterisations

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Oruche’s energetic performance is fresh and raw as she explores the identity struggles. Oruche is clever. Her play is hilarious. She doesn’t wag a victimised finger at white members of the audience. Instead, she becomes all of us, bonding us together through laughter. She bounces off audience reactions to create something fresh. Landing on her feet, in real life and on stage.

· 1/2 The Reviews Hub

Phina's ability to gauge just the right level of humour when re-enacting painful experiences was sublime throughout. Quite often the interactions Phina had with the other characters were met with raucous laughter and quickly countered with gasps of disbelief and heartfelt sympathy. It was story-telling at its finest. A roller coaster of emotions

· North West End Review
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Tue 9 May - Sat 13 May, 7.45pm


385 Coldharbour Lane SW9 8GL London, UK · Get Directions
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