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Part of 'The Demolition Party' season at Ovalhouse.

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Fri 8 Nov - Sat 23 Nov, 8pm

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Ovalhouse’s Demolition Season got off to a cracking start with Emma Frankland’s We Dig, and now two ace artists, Greg Wohead and Rachel Mars, join forces – only to find that they are digging themselves into a narrative hole. Inspired by the bit in the Shawshank Redemption when Andy Dufresne tunnels his way to freedom, Wohead and Mars ask why no one noticed that he couldn’t have replaced the poster masking his escape route from inside the tunnel. The question is: what kind of holes, narrative or otherwise, are we prepared to overlook to stay feeling cosy and comfortable?

About Gaping Hole (Story #3)

In the Shawshank Redemption, wrongly convicted Andy Dufresne spends years digging a tunnel to freedom from his prison cell. He hides his work under a large picture of Rita Hayworth. On the day of his escape, Andy crawls his way towards the outside world and perfectly replaces the poster on the wall to mask his escape route. We’re so emotionally satisfied when Andy rips off his prison uniform in the rain that we forget to ask how he could possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel. But how *could* he possibly have replaced the poster from inside the tunnel? What holes are we prepared to overlook in order to stay comfortable? Following Mars and Wohead’s cult hit Story #1, Gaping Hole (Story #3) is the third part in a non-linear trilogy about radical narrative.