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UCL Classic department presents 2020: Aristophanes’ Frogs

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Wed 12 Feb - Fri 14 Feb, 2.30pm & 7.30pm

About Aristophanes' Frogs

Idealistic thoughts of good peace terms? General critiques of political policy? Citizens rejecting the leadership to whom it now follows? Nearly 2,500 years later and still the political themes present in Aristophanes’ Frogs are of great pertinence to us today. Yet, with our millennial majority rapidly transforming society, is the ‘new’ directing us towards a Utopia of tomorrow, or once again leading us astray from a clear and direct path to success? Set within the backdrop of the artistic and social movement of Futurism, UCL’s 2020 Dionysus and Xanthius will be endeavouring to save their empty and artless world with the retrieval of a newer and younger rap artist Eu-RIP-ides. Yet after the parties, obscenities and confusion of identities, is it the new or old ways that are left for terminal decline?