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Who has agency, who has privilege, who is represented, who is silenced.

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31 October 2018  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“Sue MacLaine’s ‘Can I Start Again Please’ was an exceptional piece which examined what trauma does to language - and why we so seldom seem to hear when children tell us about their abuse. This new production draws on the medieval practice of Anchoritism, in which women undertook a life of contemplation and silence in a confined space. ‘Vessel’ examines the power and perils of silence to ask who has agency, who goes unrepresented and why silence is read as consent.”


Who is reading that silence as consent.

Sue MacLaine is a theatre-maker with a singularly driven voice, casting a fearless gaze - on herself and her subject and creating work that is both provocative and compassionate. Sue is winner of a Total Theatre Award for 'Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form (Can I Start Again Please).

Critic reviews

Wide-reaching but frustrating exploration of inequality and oppression

The Stage

An investigation into how language carries association, with an incisive critique into patriarchy providing its thematic strength

Theatre Weekly

As a piece of live art, as a piece of theatre, vessel is deeply and profoundly frustrating


The feelings that words create, rather than their meaning, come to the fore in this quietly revealing piece

The Guardian

Let’s talk about something bold but inaccessible

Everything Theatre

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Tue 6 Nov - Sat 24 Nov, 7.45pm


Lavender Hill, Battersea SW11 5TN London, UK · Get Directions

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