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Marikiscrycrycry’s He’s Dead is a dark fantasy choreography that engages with the question ‘Was Tupac depressed?’

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Wed 16 Mar - Sat 2 Apr 2022, 7.30pm

Runtime: 0h 45m

About He's Dead

This question cannot be answered and so this conceptual group work uses dance, text, live action, and sound, at the juncture of darker schemas, atmospheres, and dramaturgies in order to shed tears for the things that we cannot unearth. Moving beyond the social framework of hope, He’s Dead works with undercurrent modes of meaning-production, utilising choreography as a tool and formal force for interrogating, in this case, im/possibility. The work proliferates marginal identifications and melancholic subjectivities as both a fantasy framework and as practises against dehumanisation. Commissioned by The Marlborough Pub & Theatre for New Queers on the Block, Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts; Theatre in the Mill, Block Universe, and The Yard. Further support from Arts Council England, The Place and Institute of Contemporary Arts.