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Today we are overwhelmed with words to a point where the hype of it can be suffocating.

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We forget the power of language and disregard what our words are worth. But imagine a time where every word holds significance.

LEMONS transports us to a world where language is limited to 140 words per day. It unfolds a couple facing this struggle: can they learn to communicate and how can they stay together? When silence displaces their language, the poignancy, power, and particularisation of language are revealed. LEMONS reveals the blossoming and downfall of their relationship under this pressure. Oliver and Bernadette ask themselves if they will ever truly know each other.

Alongside Trumps Twitter and Brexit around the corner, LEMONS cleverly deliberates social conflicts of today and the wider issues of democracy and free speech. We understand language as a tool of communication: social media, politics, news, radio, theatre and music. When this is taken away who suffers? Can we seek a strength in this controlled society?

By taking a step back into silence do we demonstrate an act of rebellion? Are some things left best unsaid?

Critic reviews

A very pleasing return of an interesting script using minimal staging, exactly the way theatre should be done: a funny and moving comment on the world that leaves you pushing for politics while contemplating love and life

· Everything Theatre

Uneven and fussy revival of Sam Steiner’s taut two-hander

· The Stage

A capable production of a play addressing the highly pertinent issues of silencing and democracy

· A Younger Theatre
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Mon 29 Apr - Sun 19 May, 3pm & 7.30pm


Curtain's Up pub, 28a Comeragh Road W14 9HR London, UK · Get Directions
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