The Wedding

The Wedding

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17 January 2019  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“Arriving in London as part of the London International Mime Festival just as our divorce from the European Union is getting messy, Gecko's show uses its signature lush, visually arresting style to explore the different kinds of contracts we make through life; from the cradle to the grave, with the state, and what happens if we become disenchanted with that relationship. One of the things I love about Gecko is that their shows never stay the same but are constantly changed and refined during their life so that they can be responsive to both audiences and the changing context. I saw a very early version of this more than 18 months ago and it was already full of lush images so by the time it hits London this week, it should be a belter.”


Seducing audiences with intricate choreography, provocative narratives and vivid symbolism, The Wedding brings the union between state and individual into question amid a flurry of white dresses.

From a chute the performers emerge giddy as newborns, expectantly clutching teddy bears. But things soon turn business-like. Doubt, regret and a creeping sense of dislocation enter the physically emotive language of the faultless nine-strong ensemble, their thrillingly tribal and rhythmic finale suggesting revolution and hope.

Led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav, physical theatre company Gecko meld heightened movement with spectacular staging and minimal dialogue to confront big themes.

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Thu 24 Jan - Sat 26 Jan, 7.45pm


Silk Street EC2Y 8DS London, UK · Get Directions

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