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Taking aim at Amazon’s founder and massive phallic rocket owner, Jeff Bezos

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Wed 27 Oct - Sat 6 Nov 2021, 7.45pm

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The Oxford Samuel Becket Award always throws up something interesting. Winners include SUPERFAN, Rachel Mars, Slung Low, You Me Bum Bum Train and many more. The latest comes from a company which already has a cult following, the wildly anarachic In Bed With My Brother. Here they have Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in their sights as they ask what kind of monster have we created by giving one man so much power? Time to take action using the tools of cyberfeminists and ancient Amazonian warriors.


PRIME_TIME is a riotous reassessment of the web giant and the power he holds over our planet and beyond. One click. Another weapon ordered. An estimated delivery slot pings up on a screen. It's time to take Jeff down but time is running out. PRIME_TIME prods at the human and ecological cost of giving so much power to one man. What would a post-Bezos future look like if they could have things their way? IN BED WITH MY BROTHER make high energy, anarchic work in which anything can and does happen. PRIME_TIME is inspired by cyberfeminists and ancient Amazonian warriors who went to battle with men. The show is soundtracked by the music of SOPHIE. Age Recommendation: 16+ (contains strong language, descriptions of violence and full frontal nudity)