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Wed 2 Feb - Sat 5 Feb 2022, 7.45pm

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Vanishing Point’s 2009 hit explores gaze: who sees what and how they interpret it. It cleverly casts the audience as voyeurs watching events in a family home unfold behind a glass screen with the sound turned off. It should benefit from having the run of the expansive Barbican stage and from the fact that in this new iteration there is an opportunity for more diverse casting which also changes how we look and see. It takes its inspiration from Maurice Maeterlinck's 1891 symbolist play Interior, in which a family gathering is interrupted with news of a daughter's death, But while what we see and is said never seems profound, one of the extraordinary beauties of this piece is the way it finds the profound in the everyday.

About Interiors

Mysteries unfurl beyond the stage in this hypnotic and powerfully intense drama from one of Scotland’s foremost theatre companies. Behind a window, in a cosy room, a group of friends gather for a meal. The lamps are on, everyone is happy. Talk begins and stories unfold around the table. There is laughing, flirting, joking, eating and dancing. But sadness soon threads its way through the occasion, secrets emerge and lies are exposed. Outside someone is watching. Vanishing Point are celebrated for their distinctive and visionary work. This internationally acclaimed production is inspired by Nobel Prize winner Maurice Maeterlinck’s classic play, Interior. Age Recommendation: 12+