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LINE-UP Throughout the day for one audience member at a time The Promise, by Stacy Makishi 12:30-2:30pm Town Hall: Rebuilding Better chaired by Anthony Simpson Pike with speakers TBC 2:30-3:30pm Sunday lunch with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, hosted by former Yard Young Artist Jemima Maylala 6-7:30pm Christopher Green: No Show 8-9pm I’LL BE LUCINA by Marikiscrycrycry 9-11pm Eastern Margins: Ceremony

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You can’t go to the Yard at the moment but for one day only on Sunday the Hackney Wick venue is coming to you. Christopher Green has re-imagined No Show to be played out on zoom where the audience can see each other, Marikiscrycrycry’s I’ll be Lucina uses interaction with the audience to explore horror and claustrophobia during isolation, and Stacy Makishi’s The Promise, a one on one performance designed to be performed over the phone in which mundane household objects take on new meaning. There is also a cookalong with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and a town hall style discussion about rebuilding a better future for theatre and the world. Check it out.

About Yard Online

Cook in our kitchen with a local chef, hosted by a Yard Young Artist. Experience a 1 on 1 performance with Stacy Makishi on the phone. Thrash out the future of theatre in our bar. Pour a drink and catch Christopher Green’s ★★★★★ interactive No Show in our theatre, on Zoom. Watch Marikiscrycrycry explore horror and claustrophobia via a workout in the bar. Party with Eastern Margins on our dancefloor (and on Animal Crossing) – and have a chat with another audience member outside. Come to The Yard to see one show, or stay in The Yard all day. Next week we’ll launch Yard Online for you to explore our virtual space. Watch this space and see you on Sunday 17th May from 12pm.