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In the midst of a time where we are more disconnected than ever, Hitcher Encounters brings you, We're All Strangers Here, available for audiences across the globe.
Inspired by the stories of real hitchhikers and travelers we invite you to take our hand and slip into a web of connection. Travel across the world and through time and discover how all our journeys are entangled. This is just a beginning
We're All Strangers Here is a series of four binaural immersive audio experiences and a live phone call that takes you from Pakistan, to France, to the USA and Mexico via land and sky. Experience life through the eyes of six strangers and let them guide you into the beauty of human interaction.
Who are we really?
How are we connected?
Do we really know each other?
Or are we all strangers here?
Were all faces in a crowd.

This project is designed to sit alongside your everyday life, you can book a two week slot that suits you and listen to the audio clips in any order and any number of times, at your leisure, within your two weeks.

Disclaimer: This project requires internet connection. International service rates apply for live phone calls, please contact your service provider for more information. However, we can offer the live phone call for international audience members through Whatsapp also.

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Sun 31 Jan - Sun 28 Feb*

*This project works in weekly couplets with audience members choosing which couplet they would like to access the experience


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