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Fri 17 Jul - Fri 24 Jul, 3pm & 7pm

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The companies who during the theatre shutdown have often offered the most interesting on-line interactive performances have often been those who were already operating in that field anyway and who already see themselves as working across multiple platforms including the internet. One such company is Coney. I’ve already tried its gentle playful Telephone, which will be at the Electric Dreams Festival later this month, and which offers a history of telephonic communications in a way that both heightens connection and distance. Now there is a new show, commissioned and presented as part of the Access Point Festival, which brings together audiences from the UK, Russia and across the world to enter the Hotel Zajec from your living room and consider the contents of the hotel mini-bar.

About The Delegation

Join Coney for The Delegation, a brand new interactive performance that invites you to reflect on how our societies - while geographically disparate - find ourselves together in this time of crisis, experiencing the withering of post-pandemic capitalism, and pondering the ideal contents of a hotel minibar. We at Hotel Zajec are honoured to welcome* you to this historic meeting of delegations from your two great countries. May business be struck, accord be reached, and diplomacy secure that most elusive of prizes. We’re here to help. Over the course of a long hot weekend, let’s hope you can deal a better future into existence (and avoid an international incident on the dancefloor). *Of course because of the crisis, the hotel is not quite finished. And anyway it is not safe for you to travel. But we welcome you to our online establishment, and truly hope you enjoy your stay. You'll be free to explore the activities in the hotel and its attached conference centre. You'll meet and exchange with players from both delegations. You will be invited to play as a diplomat, dealer or culture-broker, but it's always up to you how much or little you play. If you want, you can always shut yourself in your hotel room (turn off your video and mike) and enjoy your amenities.