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Irish Drag Queen Panti Bliss became “a national fucking treasure” when she called out Ireland’s homophobes. But apparently being a national treasure is not all it’s cracked up to be not least because it’s harder to find a sexual partner because having sex with a national treasure is like “masturbating on Stonehenge.” It is a show full of acid observations, a gleeful sense of naughtiness and plenty of thoughtfulness around issues of gender identity and gay suicide. She is such engaging company.

About Panti Bliss - High Heels In Low Places

In 2014, Panti landed herself in a legal sh*tstorm, dubbed ‘Pantigate’. Her speech about homophobia went viral, was broadcast around the world, remixed by Pet Shop Boys, caused a parliamentary meltdown, and fed into Ireland’s marriage equality referendum success. Hilarious and poignant, Panti traces her journey from small-town boy kicking against traditions; to towering plastique woman in false lashes making history.