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In this sorry time of Prohibition we say cheers to all you Moonshiners, Bootleggers and Home Hoochers out there!

Meet William McCoy, known throughout America for producing the purest, undiluted, moonshine liquor - the real McCoy!

You talented bunch of rogues will help William traffic his latest batch of moonshine over the border.

Trouble is the feds are getting smart. They’ve set up border patrols and checkpoints and even started to communicate in code to avoid leaks to us bootleggers .

William leads our merry band on a covert mission to escape the feds and prohibition officers but you will need to lend a hand too.

Help William evade capture by uncovering codes, clocking the clues and most of all keeping your wits about you as the drama unfolds and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place to reach the contact at the border.

This event combines performance, audience interaction and gameplay.

So get into character, pick out your costume and grab a cocktail.

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Fri 30 Oct, 7pm


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