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Fri 10 Apr, 8pm for 36 HOURS!

About Gothic Reading Stream

Immersive Dracula is a London theatre show about complicity and wilful ignorance when powerful men are accused of dark deeds. We sold out every ticket, and then a week before opening night the coronavirus pandemic forced us to postpone. Many of the cast have lost their second jobs because of the virus and now face food insecurity and/or housing insecurity. We are a profit-share production with no Arts Council or external support. In the meantime, the UK still hasn't announced any rent holidays or proper help for self-employed people (like actors!). In response, we have already raised over £3500 in our cast fundraiser linked above, and will also be streaming 36 hours of gothic fiction on Good Friday (Apr 10th) at 8pm GMT to raise more funds. The stream will include readings from Dracula, Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and many, many more, from Immersive Dracula's cast, crew and friends. The entire stream will be presented on Philosophy Tube, the channel of Dracula performer Olly Thorn, with over 35 million views on Youtube. We are a cast of 11 and will allocate the funds based on need to help pay rent, housing deposits, and living costs, and if your generosity exceeds what we need to survive then we will re-invest the remainder into making the show even more skin-crawlingly delicious! This is a dark time for actors everywhere, but the motto of the Dracula family is ‘Resurgemus’ - We Rise Again!