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Mon 22 Jun - Sat 18 Jul, 4pm & 5.45pm

About Flute Theatre: Pericles

Kelly Hunter MBE, Artistic Director of Flute Theatre: The Covid-19 crisis has changed everything I do; in the last three months I've worked every day adapting my games to be played online without losing the drama, the impact and the love. Just as Pericles reaches across oceans to find his family, we've stretched ourselves to keep contact with our community of autistic individuals and in doing so we've created a whole new way of telling this story that we can now share with the world, one family at a time. The story of Pericles is one of hope in the face of adversity; our performances will offer families who feel marginalised and locked away a place to combat their isolation, express their feelings and shine their inner lights as brightly as they are able. For Pericles, the journey is designed as an online fairground with each game being a ride that offers a different sensory experience. If someone enjoys a particular game they are welcome to stay for as long as they would like. Experiences will take individuals and their families through a wild tango, a stormy shipwreck and a miraculous resurrection with games of pirates, kings, magicians and fishermen. At the end of the performance there will be no rush to leave, with participants being given photographic keepsakes and a chance to chat with the actors performing in order for everyone to take their time to transition out of the experience. Flute Theatre will connect to those who would like to take part via Zoom throughout the world and will adapt the show to suit individual needs. Performances of Pericles will last up to an hour, with no age limits for participation. Schools can also take part with up to three autistic individuals.