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16 April 2020  ·  Follow on Stagedoor
“Did I love Fleabag when I first saw it at the Edinburgh fringe in 2013? If I’m honest, no. But I did recognise that it was very distinctive and gleefully and filthily funny, and I’d already seen enough of Phoebe Waller-Bridge on the fringe to know she had the makings of a star. My feeling is that TV was always Fleabag’s natural home, but it’s always interesting to go back and see where something began, and you certainly see it through new eyes when you know of the success that follows. This streamed version captures Waller-Bridge’s sell-out West End revival of the original show last summer. A great chance to see Fleabag as an embryo, and Waller-Bridge herself is, as ever, very sharp, very painful.”
“See the hilarious, award-winning, one-woman show that inspired the BBC’s hit TV series Fleabag, captured by NT Live.”
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Written and performed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and directed by Vicky Jones, Fleabag is a rip-roaring look at some sort of woman living her sort of life.

Fleabag may seem oversexed, emotionally unfiltered and self-obsessed, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. With family and friendships under strain and a guinea pig café struggling to keep afloat, Fleabag suddenly finds herself with nothing to lose.

For every rental of Fleabag, you’re contributing to charities dedicated to supporting those affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

- 35% will be sent to the National Emergency Trust supporting the most vulnerable in society.

-35% will be sent to NHS Charities Together supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.

-15% will be sent to Acting For Others who distribute to people struggling across the theatre sector.

-15% will be kept for the Fleabag Support Fund.

On Soho Theatre On Demand, you’ll find five purchase options for Fleabag, each with a different price.

Please consider paying as much as you can, with the knowledge that our goal is to raise as much money as possible for these deserving organisations.

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