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“Is extreme prejudice a form of psychosis? It’s a question raised in David Ireland’s Cyprus Avenue which takes its name from the leafy Belfast street immortalised in Van Morrison’s 1968 album, Astral Weeks. But for Cyprus Avenue resident and Ulster loyalist, Eric Miller, all is not well. The world he knew and loved is changing in the wake of the Peace Process. Stephen Rea plays a blinder as Eric, a man so blinkered by his own prejudices that he becomes convinced that his tiny granddaughter Mary-May is in fact former Sein Fein president Gerry Adams disguised as a new-born baby. This is dark stuff, like the most appalling and bloody Greek tragedy that you can imagine reframed as a bad-taste comedy.”
“The Royal Court is making the filmed version of the acclaimed Cyprus Avenue available for one month until 27 April. It includes live recording of the stage version and location shooting in Belfast.”
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Cyprus Avenue will be available to watch for free on the Royal Court website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for one month.

Commissioned by The Space, this film of Cyprus Avenue, by David Ireland, mixes live capture of performance from the iconic Royal Court Theatre stage production with location shooting in Belfast. It was first broadcast in September on BBC Four. This is the first time the film will be available internationally.

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Stephen Rea plays a blinder as Eric

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