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Belarus Free Theatre: School for Fools Tickets

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“In spite of all the challenges thrust upon us by the global pandemic, BFT has created a brand-new show, A School for Fools, that you can join for from the comfort of your home!”
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A School for Fools is an experimental novella from the avant-gardist writer, Sasha Sokolov. Now directed and adapted by one of our most senior ensemble members, Pavel Haradnitski, this atypical coming-of-age story tells of a young boy living with dual personality disorder. Exploring the conflict between the individual and the outside world some of today’s most urgent concerns are laid bare: can the internal self ever be fully reconciled with the external self? – and can freedom ever co-exist with oppression?

Our first online world premiere in BFT’s 15-year history, will be performed and broadcast live from Minsk in the bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms of our incredible ensemble, most of whom are self-isolating in a country where doctors and journalists face arrest and intimidation for trying to support public awareness of Covid-19; this is a celebration of creativity in the most difficult of conditions.

A School for Fools is performed in Russian with English subtitles.

Places are free but limited. To book for the premiere register by clicking the 'Watch Now' button.

Critic reviews

It’s the theatrical equivalent of found poetry


Incomprehensible adaptation

· The Stage

There are English subtitles that may not exactly heighten Sokolov’s poetry but certainly help comprehension, but I’m inclined to say that you need to stop worrying about it making sense and simply go with the flow, experiencing the whole thing as a hallucination or dream. Or like being inside the head of the boy himself, all synapses firing.

Lyn Gardner for Streamdoor
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Mon 1 Jun, 6pm

Following the world premiere A School For Fools will be performed six times only on these dates: June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9.
Runtime: 1 hr 40 mins


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