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Mon 25 May - Thu 25 Jun

About Alan Ayckbourn: Anno Domino

Sam and Milly are gathering the family together for their 25th wedding anniversary dinner at their favourite local bistro. They’ll be joined there by Sam’s parents, Ben and Ella; his sister, Martha, and her new partner, Craig, and Martha’s son Raz. Also present – and she’s definitely caught Raz’s eye – is trainee restaurant manager Cinny. But Sam and Milly have some life-changing news to share. As the family prepares for the big event, we catch a glimpse into each of their living rooms and lives. Every couple has their tough moments: Anno Domino asks what happens when the strongest of us falls apart. How do our actions ripple out and affect those we love? Alan Ayckbourn’s 84th play sees him return to acting, alongside his celebrated actor wife Heather Stoney, for the first time since 1964. The pair will play no less than eight characters between them, ranging in age from 18 to mid-70s. Ben, Craig, Raz and Sam are played by Alan Ayckbourn and Ella, Martha, Cinny and Milly are played by Heather Stoney.